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eCommerce – sustainable business practice
eCommerce has revolutionised the procurement of goods and services by eliminating the enormous burden of processing manual transactions.
Alcoa’s leadership and commitment to innovative eCommerce solutions improves the accuracy and efficiency of transactions with our supply partners and provides benefits shared by all parties.
We consider electronic tools and marketplaces integral to the way in which we interact with suppliers and employ these systems to engage with the market.
It is a key requirement that suppliers be able to conduct business electronically and transact via Purchase Orders, invoices and payments in a form that is compatible with Alcoa.
Electronic Sourcing
Alcoa uses Procuri as its electronic sourcing tool. This tool affords you greater transparency in the tendering process by enabling you online access to all the contractual terms and conditions, specifications and other relevant documents in the bidding process. Online reverse auctions and electronic request for quotation capabilities expedite the sourcing process significantly, for both Alcoa and our suppliers.
Quadrem Electronic Marketplace
Alcoa has partnered with Quadrem to provide a B2B (Business to Business) solution that builds a strong, stable, electronic connection between you and Alcoa to increase the speed and reduce errors in our purchase to pay transactions. Quadrem provides electronic transmission of all purchase to pay transactions that streamlines processes significantly.
Service Claims and Invoices
Alcoa also provides service suppliers with access to AlcoaDirect: an online tool to submit, track and manage your claims and invoices. This facilitates fast and efficient processing of your invoice to ensure timely payments.