Doing business in Australia

It is critical Alcoa has a secure, sustainable, innovative and globally competitive supply chain.

Our core values - Act with Integrity, Operate with Excellence, Care for People - govern the way we act, operate and interact with our customers, community, suppliers and each other.

We expect our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to align to Alcoa's values and ethical business practices and comply with our policies and standards.

Doing business with Alcoa in Australia includes:

  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy
    It is our policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and health and safety of our employees, customers and communities where we operate. We will not compromise our safety, environmental or health values for profit or production.

    Our suppliers, contractors and subcontractors are expected to share this same commitment to EHS management. Current suppliers to Alcoa can access relevant EHS policies and procedures and details of required training by logging in to AlcoaDirect.

  • Supplier Selection Policy
    To ensure we obtain the best value available to our business we are committed to competitively sourcing products and services. Prior to award, suppliers are subject to our prequalification process which includes an assessment of:

    • Environment, health, safety and sustainability management
    • Ethical and anti-corruption practices
    • Business capability and quality management
    • Financial capacity
    • Continuous improvement methodology

  • Local Community Policy
    We strive to add value to the local economy by using local suppliers, helping local suppliers to do business with us and by encouraging suppliers to employ local labour.

    In Australia, local is defined as suppliers operating businesses in Portland, Victoria, and Dwellingup, Harvey, Pinjarra, Waroona, Coolup, North Dandalup and Yarloop in Western Australia.

    Within our guidelines of safe, ethical and competitive business practices, we will:

    • Invite capable local business to bid on locally supplied or manufactured goods or services.
    • Give preference to local business in a competitive situation.
    • Work with local business interest groups to identify and utilise local suppliers.
    • Where possible, structure bids to enable local supplier participation.

    Additional corporate supplier information is available here.

  • Australian Supplier Payment Code
    Alcoa was one of the first Australian companies to sign up to the Australian Supplier Payment Code, a voluntary, industry-led initiative launched by the Business Council of Australia in 2017 to affirm the importance of prompt and on-time payment to small business suppliers.

    This move demonstrates our ongoing commitment to a sustainable and competitive supply chain and builds on our existing Local Community Policy which supports eligible local suppliers operating businesses in defined communities local to our regional operations with, amongst other things, 30 day-payment terms.

    In committing to the Australian Supplier Payment Code, Alcoa extends 30-day payment terms to eligible small businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million regardless of their location in Australia.

    Payment commitment:
    Alcoa will pay eligible Australian small business suppliers 30 days from receipt of a correctly rendered invoice or correctly delivered product (whichever is the latter).

    Alcoa will perform a six monthly review of the existing supplier base and cross check to the Australian Government’s Small Business Identification Tool to proactively identify small business suppliers and move them to 30 day payment terms. Small business suppliers can also verify their eligibility at any time by providing one of the following:

    • A copy of the most recent full year Australian Income Tax Return; or
    • A certified statement from the supplier’s accountant.

    Further information:
    Please direct any queries to: or visit the Business Council of Australia - Australian Supplier Payment Code.