Alcoa ... part of the solution to climate change
Alcoa views climate change as the most central sustainability issue of our time. We are determined to do our part, and to provide leadership on the issue wherever we can.

Alcoa is regarded as a leader in the aluminium industry on addressing climate change. In 2003, we achieved our target of reducing global direct greenhouse gas emissions by 25% from a base year of 1990.  Since 2003, we have further reduced global direct greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels.
While technology and innovation are leading the way for future reductions in greenhouse intensity, the product we create also has an important role to play through lightweighting and recycling.
In all areas of transport, aluminium is reducing fuel consumption by reducing vehicle weight. Every kilogram of aluminium used to replace heavier materials in a motor vehicle can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 kilograms over the life of the vehicle.
In the transport industry it is estimated that by 2030, the increased use of aluminium will have the potential to save enough fuel to offset all of the greenhouse gases produced by the aluminium industry globally.
Additionally, recycling aluminium also contributes to global sustainability by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of resources. Aluminium recycling saves 95% of the energy used to create new metal and Alcoa is proud to be the largest recycler of aluminium cans in the country.
As individuals, we can all make a difference and become part of the solution. Our 'Make an Impact' program is helping Alcoa employees, their families and the wider community do just that.

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Aluminium ... endlessly recyclable

Alcoa is the largest recycler of aluminium cans in Australia, recycling around 55,000 tonnes each year
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