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Partnering Stronger Communities
For more than 50 years, Alcoa has played an important role adding value to the communities in which we operate, and beyond.
A key contributor to the Australian economy, we support partnerships and initiatives that help build stronger communities for the future.
We are driven by our commitment to sustainable development and a desire to support reputable non-profit and community based organisations that deliver long term community benefits.
Our commitment to our communities is historic, and goes well beyond the dollar. Each year Alcoa invests around $4 million in a wide variety of community programs, and we also dedicate hundreds of hours in people time and in-kind support, which is supported by the Alcoa Foundation.
Find out more about our commitment via the Partnership Portfolio; Employee Volunteering and Connecting with Schools pages.
If you are interested in Becoming a Partner with Alcoa contact a team member to discuss the opportunity.