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Wagerup employees win global Alcoa award
Wagerup employees win global Alcoa award

A team of five Alcoa employees, four from Waroona and one from Halls Head, won an international Alcoa award in Florida, USA, in mid-March

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Come and see us at work: visit the Wagerup alumina refinery and Willowdale bauxite mine. The tour occurs on the 1st Friday of every month.

About Wagerup Refinery
The Wagerup alumina refinery has been a part of the Western Australian community since it began operations in 1984. Located about 130km south of Perth, on the border of Western Australia's Peel and South West regions, the refinery is four kilometres north of Yarloop and 13kms south of Waroona.

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Health & Wellbeing
Wagerup Refinery is the most studied industrial facility in Australia. Numerous studies confirm that the air around the refinery is typical of any rural Australian environment, and that refinery emissions are safe for our employees and the community. For more
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