Making Waves

Performance is as important in the yard as it is on the water. You want high performance, user-friendly materials that give you the freedom to express your vision. Structural efficiency. Unimpeachable quality. And genuine versatility.

That’s why so many of today’s best performing vessels, large and small, are constructed from Alcoa aluminium. Ever since we developed strain-hardened 5xxx series alloys to provide the exceptional strength, workability and corrosion resistance that marine applications require, aluminium has been the material of choice for forward-looking designers wherever durability, economy of operation and construction, responsiveness or sheer speed are priorities.

Think Light

The undisputed world leader in the aluminium production and technology, Alcoa gives you the benefit of complete technical design, engineering and production support. All the marine aluminium products in the comprehensive Nautic-Al range are tested to the highest international standards.

The excellent corrosion resistance is one of the most important characteristics of Alcoa’s Nautic-Al alloys that are produced in the Fusina plant of Alcoa Global Commercial Transportation and Industrial in Italy. Located on the shores of the South Channel in front of Venice Lagoon, Fusina is not only located ideally to ship products directly to customers all over the world, but also proudly drawing on wide-ranging marine industry experience.

Out Now: Nautic-Al H128 – the new marine standard