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August 29, 2014
Alcoa Global Rolled Products announces a Price Increase for their European Industrial Businesses

We have locations throughout Europe.

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Alcoa Global Commercial Transportation, Industrial and Specialties is a leading manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium products.  We are a global organization serving a global customer base, with both personal and local service from a pool of eight rolling mills and commercial sites in North America, Europe and Russia. Our industry-leading eBusiness solutions provide efficient links with our customers to deliver innovative products with tailored lead-time concepts.


Alcoa’s high-quality materials are the foundation for many everyday products in the commercial transportation, building and construction, industrial, packaging and consumer goods markets. Our global team of technical experts supports all customers and locations with product, process development and material testing.


Highly specialized fabricating processes, combined with market-leading environmental, health and safety programs ensure we can cover all market needs whilst, at the same time, meeting or exceeding  global sustainability and safety rules.


The finishing touch…for elegant and hard-wearing surface designs.
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Alcoa Aluminum is making a splash...in the construction of shipping vessels.
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Hard to Beat...Alcoa has perfected a tipper shate of exceptional surface hardness and abrasion resistance.
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