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Welcome to the homepage of the Alumec User Guide. To see the rest of site, please log in using the form at left.

The Alumec User Guide is a technical support package for Alumec mould materials manufactured by Alcoa Europe Flat Rolled Products.

The Alumec User Guide provides information about the properties and characteristics of aluminium mould materials along with a selection of Case Studies showing application examples of Alumec products. It also includes an overview of Alcoa Europe Flat Rolled Products’ dedicated aluminium plate manufacturing facility at Kitts Green, Birmingham, England.

Future releases will contain additional information about aluminium mould materials and in particular will cover mould design and manufacturing with aluminium alloys. Alcoa Europe will advise you when this web site is updated.

English [PDF, 771KB]
German [PDF, 815KB]
Alumec 100

English [PDF, 471KB]
German [PDF, 549KB]
Distribution Network

English [PDF, 430KB]
German [PDF, 432KB]