A selection of the major Quality Assurance held by Alcoa Europe Kitts Green is given below. This listing is not comprehensive and details of other approvals held can be provided if requested.

Company Approval Number
BAe Systems BAe/AG/30192/MAA
Airbus SAS Processor 136369
Boeing Processor BE10306202
Bombardier SB/VC/158
Augusta Westland A/0248 (V00061)
Embraer PCM-196/2012
GKN Agusta Westland Westland Supplier Code: V00061
Agusta Approval No.: A/0248
Hawker Beechcraft 10108188
Messier Dowty Regf MD's Global Supplier Directory
Rolls Royce 01304
Spirit Aerosystems SPIRIT/0537
BS EN 9100:2009 FM12976
TUV 11503