In 1938 James Booth Ltd established the Kitts Green plant to concentrate aluminium production in a new facility away from their copper and brass plant in Birmingham. In 1977 the site became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcan Aluminium, and the name Alcan Plate was introduced in 1978. Since then there has been considerable investment in new equipment and in the modernisation and computerisation of older equipment. In 1996, Alcan sold all their downstream businesses to an investment group and the site name changed to British Aluminium Plate. In 2000 British Aluminium Plate was acquired by Alcoa Inc., and brought in to the Flat Rolled Products division of Alcoa Europe.

In its long history the company has built unrivalled experience as a producer of high strength aluminium alloy materials. From Spitfire to Airbus, few UK aircraft have not incorporated aluminium from Kitts Green in their construction. Worldwide, Kitts Green plate is used by all major airframe builders in Europe, the Far East and the USA including the latest Boeing designs.