Plant Overview

Alcoa Warrick

Central Receiving Bldg 47C (Bulk materials deliver to Bldg. 49)
4400 West State Road 66
Newburgh, IN, USA 47630

Message to Carriers:

Alcoa Corporation has recently sold its former rolling mill business to Kaiser Aluminum Corporation. Alcoa currently operates the smelter and power plant. Please see our updated address in the left column for deliveries.

Additionally, as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are maintaining current measures to protect both employees and external contractors, such as our visiting truck carriers.

Driver Safety Equipment

Hard Hat

  • Hard hat required (Alcoa provides)
  • Hard hat with chin strap not required

Hearing Protection

  • Hearing protection required (Alcoa provides)

Safety Glasses

  • Safety glasses with side shields required (Alcoa provides)

Full Body Harness

  • Full body harness not required

Neon Safety Vest

  • Neon safety vest not required


  • Shirt required (Alcoa provides)
  • Long sleeves not required


  • Long pants required (driver provides)


  • Closed-toed boots required (driver provides)

Fall Protection

Fall Protection at Location

  • Stationary platform - driver back in
  • Stationary platform - driver pulls through
  • Movable platforms (manual)
  • Movable Platforms (electric or pneumatic)
  • Overhead trolley beam with harness system
  • Netting that attaches to truck
  • Air bags or foam pads positioned next to truck
  • Guard rails placed on side of truck
  • Safety curtains at open dock doors

Load Securement/Tarp Assistance

Blocking and Bracing

  1. Material provided by Alcoa
  2. Tools provided by Alcoa and driver
  3. Performed by driver and Alcoa on certain loads

Assistance with tarping of freight is available to flatbed drivers.