Alcoa Lista

Alcoa Lista
PO Box 128
Farsund 4552
Time Zone: CET - Central European Time
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Contact Information:

Borge Eriksen

Driver Handouts:

Welcome to Alcoa Lista
Lista Safety Rules for Trailer Loading
Fall Protection

Message to the carriers from Alcoa Lista:

Safety is our highest priority.  To ensure your visit to our facility is a safe one, ALL drivers must follow the safety rules set forth at our facility.  Zero tolerance for non-compliance.

Shipping: Loading station no 1,2,3 and 4

Equipment types allowed:
Curtain trailer (with movable curtains that give easy access to the cargo)
Round billets. Diameter between 130 - 346 mm and length range 0,79 - 7,0 meters. Forklift truck loading at Lista.
Special requirements:
Safety PPE required, engine must be shut off, brakes engaged.
Operation days of week:
Monday to Friday
07:00 to 14:00
Appointments required:
Apptointment only
Borge Eriksen
Contact Phone:
Contact email:

Loading stations for billets at Alcoa Lista (station 1,2,3 and 4)

Receiving: Receiving / whs inbound cargo

Equipment types allowed:
Vans, curtain trailers, flatbeds etc. Unloaded outside with forklift truck.
Special requirements:
Safety Equipment Required.
Operation days of week:
Monday to Friday
07:00 to 14:00
Appointments required:
First come, first served
Contact Phone:


Required - Alcoa Provides

Required - Driver Provides

Not Required at Location

Safety Glasses


Safety glasses with side shields


Hard hat


Hard hat with Chin Strap


Long pants


Shirts with sleeves


Long Sleeves


Hearing Protection


Closed-toed shoes


Steel toed shoes


Metatarsal Boots


Neon Safety Vest


Full body harness

Stationary platform - driver back in
Stationary platform - driver pulls through
Movable platforms (manual)
Movable Platforms (electric or pneumatic)
Overhead trolley beam with harness system
Netting that attaches to truck
Air bags or foam pads positioned next to truck
Guard rails placed on side of truck
Safety curtains at open dock doors

Load securement / tarp assistance

Blocking and Bracing
Material provided by?
Tools provided by?
Performed by?
Assists flatbed drivers with tarping of freight?
Access to Employee restroom
Access to portable toilet
Drinking water
Waiting area - heated and air-conditioned
Waiting area - heated only
Waiting area - Air-conditioned only
Waiting area - No climate control
Pay Telephone
Overnight parking
Vending machines
CB Communication with guards or dock
Scale in required?
Scale out required?
Axle weights provided to driver?
Non-driving passengers allowed in plant?
Minimum age for admittance to plant
Do passengers have access to facilities?
Are pets allowed on plant site?