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The full EPA assessment process is expected to run until around the end of 2022.

There will be several opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement and comment. More information about the EPA’s process can be found here.

Alcoa is committed to being open and transparent throughout this process and about our operations generally.

We have already reached out to a wide range of stakeholders and will continue to do so.

For more information or to speak to someone about the Environmental Assessment, you can contact us via:


(which is subject to change)

Alcoa refers proposal to EPA


EPA public comment on assessment level


Alcoa undertakes environmental studies

Q3 2020 - Q2/Q3 2021

EPA public comment period on Alcoa’s final Environmental Review Document

Q3/4 2021

EPA publishes report on assessment

Q2/3 2022

EPA appeals process

Q2/3 2022

Condition settling and ministerial approval

Q4 2022