Approval processes

The project will be assessed by the State and Commonwealth regulators in accordance with:

  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 (State), led by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA); and
  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Commonwealth) led by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

The assessment has been set at the highest level being Public Environmental Review and the Commonwealth assessment will run in parallel with the State under one process to be led by the EPA.

Our Environmental Review Document (ERD) will be open to a 10-week public comment period as part of the assessment process.

Environmental Studies

To inform our ERD and understand the project’s potential impacts, we have undertaken extensive studies into the seven environmental factors the EPA identified, as outlined below.

  1. Flora and Vegetation: Surveys of new mine areas including conservation-significant flora and vegetation.
  2. Terrestrial Fauna: Surveys of new mine areas including conservation-significant species.
  3. Terrestrial Environment Quality: Assessment of potential landscape and soil quality impacts associated with clearing and mining.
  4. Air Quality: Emissions assessments for mining and refining including dust and an updated refinery health risk assessment.
  5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Assessment of potential emissions from mining and refining operations along with reduction opportunities.
  6. Surface and Groundwater: Hydrological and water quality assessments for proposed new mine areas and future refinery needs.
  7. Social Surroundings: Assessment of a range of potential impacts including visual amenity, noise, heritage, and recreational tracks and trails.

Assessment timeline

Following is the current indicative timeline for the assessment.

Alcoa refers proposal to EPA


EPA considers level of assessment


Alcoa finalising submission

~Q4 2023

EPA public comment period on Alcoa’s Environmental Review Document

~Q2 2024

Alcoa prepares responses to submissions

~Q3 2024

EPA publishes report on assessment

~Q1 2025

Appeals process

~Q2 2025

Ministerial decision

~Q4 2025

Updated October 2023
Subject to change