December 22, 2022

Idle capacity restarted at Portland Aluminium

Portland Aluminium’s potline, which is now at 95 per cent capacity following a major restart of production.

Portland Aluminium has restarted 35,000 metric tons per year (mtpy) of curtailed capacity at its smelter in Victoria, Australia.

Now that the restart is complete, Portland Aluminium has approximately 95 per cent of its total capacity of 358,000 mtpy, with approximately 186,000 mtpy of Alcoa’s consolidated capacity now operating.

Portland Aluminium Acting Operations Manager Mark Crespan said the successful energisation of the 40th and final pot for the Line 2 East project was the result of a dedicated contribution by a large team of knowledgeable personnel, supported by a wide network of Australian and global experts.

“Reinstatement of the idled equipment after 13 years involved considerable refurbishment of the pots and associated infrastructure,” Crespan said. “I am very proud of the commitment of the Portland Aluminium workforce; it has been a real team effort and a very rewarding project that will use more of the smelter’s capabilities.”

The project created around 30 new permanent roles at the smelter, building on the significant contribution the operation makes to the Portland area.  

Energy to operate the restored capacity is supplied under a four-year agreement with power generator AGL which supplements previously announced five-year energy agreements with AGL, Alinta Energy and Origin that commenced 1 August 2021.

Portland Aluminium is an unincorporated joint venture taking in Alcoa of Australia Limited (55 per cent), CITIC Nominees Pty Ltd (22.5 per cent), and Marubeni Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd (22.5 per cent). Alcoa of Australia Limited is owned by Alcoa Corporation (60 per cent) and Alumina Limited (40 per cent).