05 August 2022

Huntly mine’s Blue Tree Project

Huntly Blue TreesInspired by the blue tree painted in 2021 at Huntly, the site’s Mobile Maintenance and Fixed Plant teams have gone head-to-head in a battle of their own blue trees over recent months.

Part of the national Blue Tree Project to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns, Huntly’s two new trees have sprung to life from recycled scrap metal.

First Year apprentice Hayden Hills and Steve Garton from Mobile Maintenance built a tree completely from scrap. The outer layer and base were formed by a failed CAT 789 truck wheel hub gear, the trunk fashioned from an old GPS tower and the branches are old tyre lock rings. The leaves are made from old scrap chains. Spaces are filled in with old drill bits, bolts and clamps. If you look carefully, you can even spot a Landcruiser drive shaft. Showcasing the unique artistic flair of our talented young welders, the Mobile Maintenance blue tree stands tall at the McCoy gate entrance.

Not to be outdone, Huntly's Fixed Plant team have crafted a fantastic creation of their own. Mechanical Contractor Coordinator Broden Davis and Jack Zahra led the project showcasing a cockatoo, echidna and kangaroo. They installed the Lifeline 24/7 community support number and RU OK? at the top of the tree which rotates in the wind.

By spreading the paint and the message that it's OK to not be OK, we can help break down the stigma still largely attached to mental health.

Discover more about the Blue Tree Project here.