03 February 2020

Update: Portland Aluminium Smelter power supply at target amperage

Power supply to the Portland Aluminium Smelter has been restored to target amperage following a major outage on Friday 31 January. One of two transmission lines into the smelter remains out of service.

Power to the smelter’s two potlines was lost around 2.30pm EDST on Friday. The cause of the power outage was external to the plant.

Alcoa of Australia President Michael Gollschewski thanked everyone involved in restoring power to the smelter and helping to secure the operations over the weekend.

"We are very grateful for the collaborative response to Friday’s outage from people across government and the energy sector," Mr Gollschewski said.

"Critically, focus has now turned to the repair of the damaged transmission line which is essential to help safeguard the plant against further outages."

Mr Gollschewski also acknowledged employees who continue to work to safely stabilise operations at the smelter.

"We have once again seen the true spirit of our Portland team who has worked tirelessly to secure the process and minimise any substantial damage to the facility," he said.

The Portland Aluminium Smelter is a joint venture between Alcoa of Australia Limited (55%), CITIC (22.5%), and Marubeni Aluminium Australia (22.5%). Alcoa manages day-to-day operations at the smelter.


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