November 10, 2019

Champions of Maths Graduate!

The inaugural cohort of teachers from the Alcoa Champions of Maths program are ready for graduation, having increased their confidence to teach problem solving skills in their primary maths classes by over 50%.

Champions of Maths was introduced in 2019 as an extension to the successful Alcoa Maths Enrichment Program. It is expected to benefit more than 8,000 students through intensive coaching and mentoring for primary school teachers and the ‘multiplier’ effect this creates.

This innovative program develops the classroom methods and instructional practices of teachers, while also upskilling them to deliver professional development to the rest of their teaching cohort. Over the course of a year, the program aims to create leaders within the school community with the ability to inspire colleagues and students alike.

Kalien Selby, Scitech Chief Executive Officer, said “The Alcoa Champions of Maths program is breaking new ground in how maths is taught to primary school students. The remarkable results from the first year’s cohort show how motivating and impactful this approach can be, with some Year 6 students showing an interest and ability to work at a university-level of thinking.”

“We are excited to continue to deliver this program in partnership with Alcoa of Australia throughout the South West, Peel and Kwinana regions. It contributes a vital component to upskilling Western Australians students with the skills needed to participate in a STEM-enabled future workforce.”

Jodie Read, Alcoa Australia Corporate Affairs Director, said “Alcoa is proud to continue to support ground-breaking ways to enhance maths education to help ensure students have the knowledge and confidence to be successful in the modern workplace, where STEM skills will be paramount”.

On Wednesday 13 November, teachers, parents and students will celebrate the end of the program at a family evening at Leschenault Pavilion, hosted by maths comedian and numeracy ambassador Simon Pampena.

As part of the teacher’s graduation, their students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills such as discussing and debating ideas, working through problems together, ability to revise their thinking and show counter examples and proof, among other critical skills for maths learning.

Simon Pampena will reveal how to create a Maths Meme, using creative ‘right-brain’ thinking with mathematical ideas. He will also be running a ‘Tri-hexaflexagon Workshop’, sharing the secrets of a hidden third side in what looks like a simple paper hexagon with a front and back. Flexagons are folded paper polygons that change ‘faces’ as they are flexed.

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