September 20, 2019

The (virtual) reality of safety

Alcoa Operator Ben Curtis tests out the arc flash isolation simulation at Pinjarra Refinery
Alcoa Operator Ben Curtis tests out the arc flash isolation simulation at Pinjarra Refinery.

Alcoa is joining the likes of the army, navy and air force to use virtual reality (VR) to undertake training for high-risk tasks at its alumina refineries in Western Australia.

In what is the first for the company, a training module has been developed to simulate how to safely and correctly isolate electrical switches to avoid arc flash incidents – while in a safe environment.

The training occurs in a virtual replica of one of Alcoa’s refinery sub-stations where the trainee is surrounded by equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sounds found in the workplace.

The guided training and free-play environments include a variety of scenarios with events and risks to mitigate, replicating what could occur in real life.

Alcoa’s Pinjarra Refinery Manager, Mark Hodgson said this was a step-change for Alcoa in the way training is delivered and a key enabler in increasing safety.

“With safety being our top priority, this training allows our employees to experience high-risk hazards and the steps to mitigate them in a safe environment, so they can take what they have learned back to their workplace,” Mark said.

VR training is said to provide a learning retention rate of 75 per cent, compared to 20 per cent with standard computer-based point-and-click training.

The team is now working on deploying similar training modules for several high-risk tasks, including working on or near energised equipment and high-voltage isolation.

Personnel at Alcoa’s global refining operations will also get to benefit from this training starting from October, thanks to the hard work of the Western Australian-based team.



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  • Alcoa has been contributing to Australia’s economy since 1963, investing more than
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