August 26, 2019

Sustainability fund wins excellence award

Wagerup Sustainability Fund Award Winners
Adam Gilbert (Wagerup Refinery Manager), Tania Jackson (Shire President, Shire of Harvey), Mike Walmsley (Shire President, Shire of Waroona) and Tom Busher (Wagerup Community Relations Manager) accept the Enduring Partnership award for the Alcoa Harvey Waroona Sustainability Fund.

The Alcoa Harvey Waroona Sustainability Fund was recognised with the Enduring Partnership award at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety 2019 Resources Sector Awards for Excellence held last week.

The partnership between Alcoa, the Shire of Harvey and the Shire of Waroona was acknowledged as an outstanding example of long-term commitment by a company to contribute to the local communities in which their business operates.

‘I’m pleased we received recognition within the Resources Industry for our partnership with Alcoa and the Harvey Waroona Sustainability Fund. It has made a real contribution in supporting our community over the 10 years since its inception,” Shire of Harvey President, Tania Jackson said after the award ceremony.

“My thanks to Alcoa for their ongoing commitment and leadership in engaging with the communities they operate in,’ Tania said.

During the last decade Alcoa has contributed AU$4.7 million to the fund, of which AU$2.3 million has been allocated to more than 50 community groups for about 60 projects.

A feature noted at the awards ceremony was that the Alcoa Harvey Waroona Sustainability Fund was structured to provide financial support for the community post any future closure of mining and refining operations.

Chairman and Managing Director, Alcoa of Australia, Michael Parker said there are many impressive tangible and visible signs of the success of the sustainability fund.

“My congratulations and admiration go to all who have contributed to the vision, projects and energy that the Sustainability Fund has inspired in the Harvey and Waroona communities over the last decade,” Michael said.

“The true success story lies in the enthusiasm, pride and resilience of people, specifically the Shires of Harvey and Waroona who are the Trustees of their respective community’s Sustainability Fund and operationally support the grant recipients, through to the many community volunteers who are the heartbeat of their towns. Thank you,” he said.


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