August 07, 2019

Scitech Brings Maths, Mystery and Murder to Peel and South West Primary Schools

From 12 - 16 August, Scitech will host a series of ‘Maths Murder Mystery’ evenings at primary schools in the Peel and South West regions.

Students, parents and teachers will be solving crime using mathematical techniques and analytical thinking.

This evening is part of the unique Alcoa Maths Enrichment Program (AMEP), which Scitech is running in Term 3 at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Pinjarra), Waroona District High School, St Joseph’s School (Waroona) and Harvey Primary School.

Over 250 students and 13 teachers will be involved in the program. Kalien Selby, Acting Scitech Chief Executive Officer, said: “The Alcoa Maths Enrichment Program is an excellent example of what Scitech is renowned for.

It brings an inquiry-based approach to learning and combines multiple approaches to engaging students, upskilling teachers, empowering parents and engaging students directly.” “Simplifying complex concepts and employing a hands-on approach helps make learning and applying maths fun, enjoyable and most importantly relatable. This is an incredibly successful program that Scitech and Alcoa of Australia are immensely proud to deliver, improving maths engagement and understanding throughout Western Australia.”

As part of the program, parents are shown how to practice numeracy skills at home through games, conversations and asking questions about their child’s life, i.e. from pocket money to planning their time to cooking.

For teachers, the program encourages leadership in their approach to teaching maths, improves their skills and builds their confidence to get fantastic results from their students.

Scitech in partnership with Alcoa of Australia, have run the Alcoa Maths Enrichment Program in regional Western Australia since 2012. In 2019 it will be delivered through two face-to-face professional learning components: ‘Alcoa Real World Maths’ and ‘Alcoa Champions of Maths’ and is enhanced through digital engagement and online learning modules.

The ‘Maths Murder Mystery’ is part of the ‘Alcoa Real World Maths’ component and is one of a series of workshops and consultations that create a positive experience for teachers, parents and students to work together in a fun, hands-on and supported environment.

The ‘Alcoa Champions of Maths’ program aims to develop teachers’ daily classroom practice and instructional methods through an individualised mentoring and coaching program, consisting of expert training, observation, reflection and assisted planning. This year’s inaugural cohort have been selected from the Bunbury area.

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