August 12, 2019

Alcoa tops targets for sustainable rehabilitation

Alcoa of Australia has exceeded rehabilitation targets at the Huntly and Willowdale bauxite mines in the Peel and South West regions of Western Australia. The Company progressively rehabilitates as it mines, with a strong focus on reducing the cleared footprint over time.

Alcoa has completed another successful rehabilitation season, with planting due to begin soon.

Alcoa Mine Environmental Manager Dr Soo Carney said both WA mines are aligned with and exceeding Alcoa’s global sustainability target to have one-to-one or better rehabilitation to areas cleared for mining.

The rehabilitation process, which has been developed and continually improved over decades, involves landscaping, pre-ripping, soil return, fauna habitat return, final contour ripping and seeding, recalcitrant planting, fertilising and ongoing monitoring and management.

The landscaping component is conducted mostly in the dry months, with the end of Autumn the close out of the official season. Both Huntly and Willowdale Mines exceeded the number of hectares (ha) rehabilitated, achieving 650ha against the active mine area of 632ha.

In coming months, more than 200,000 plants will be added to the area.
“Alcoa’s WA bauxite operations mine in previously logged areas, we don’t mine in virgin or old growth forest areas of the Darling Range,” Dr Carney said.

“We aim to re-establish all the pre-existing land uses of the forest and we’re very proud of the fact that self-sustaining jarrah forests now thrive in areas where Alcoa once mined bauxite.”

Alongside Alcoa’s world-class environmental management program, each year the Company contributes more than $7 million to the State Government as compensation for forest clearing and towards forest enhancement, conservation and management activities.

“Funding goes towards initiatives such as research into conserving populations of threatened species of black cockatoo and quokka; feral predator control through Western Shield’s Operation Foxglove; the Nearer to Nature community and schools’ program, and many more important grassroots activities,” Dr Carney said.

Alcoa has been offering free tours of its bauxite mining, world-class rehabilitation and alumina refining operations for 40 years. To book a tour contact or calling 9530 2400.


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Editor’s note
Alcoa of Australia (Alcoa) has a proud history in Australia which it hopes to continue by remaining internationally competitive, attracting ongoing investment and providing jobs for future generations.
• Alcoa has been contributing to Australia’s economy since 1963, investing more than $12 billion over 56 years.
• More than 65 per cent of Alcoa’s total annual revenue stays in Australia through wages, local purchasing, taxes, royalties, capital investment and dividends to Australian shareholders.
• Alcoa employs more than 4,275 people in Australia. About 3,750 live in WA.
• In our 56 years, Alcoa has taken on more than 2000 apprentices, trainees and graduates.
• Alcoa invested $1.7 billion with Australian suppliers in 2017.
• Alcoa paid $654 million in Australian wages, salaries and associated benefits in 2017.
• Alcoa paid $400 million in State, Federal and Local government taxes and royalties in 2017.
• Alcoa made $4.2 million in community contributions in 2017.

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