July 24, 2019

Alcoa rolls up sleeves to support National Tree Day

Alcoa is doing its bit to support National Tree Day and the environment by providing funding, volunteers and seedlings to help put about 25,000 plants in the ground in the Peel and South West regions this winter.

Alcoa Supports National Tree Day - Hendrik Enslin & Bukayo Taiwo
Alcoa employees Hendrik Enslin and Bukayo Taiwo take advantage of Alcoa’s National Tree Day seedling giveaway.

Volunteers from Alcoa are taking part in numerous planting events during and either side of National Tree Day this Sunday, 28 July. Many of these events are linked to partnerships Alcoa has with environment and community groups to help protect and restore the environment.

Thousands of free native seedlings were distributed to Alcoa employees this week in support of National Tree Day. Once planted in local backyards, the seedlings will provide much needed habitat and food for the endangered Black-Cockatoo, closely aligning with Alcoa and Birdlife Australia’s partnership.

Alcoa of Australia Chairman and Managing Director Michael Parker said the Company was proud to support such important work, partner with such great community groups, and to help make a positive difference to our environment.

What can you do to support National Tree Day?

Two planting events associated with the Alcoa-Birdlife partnership will be held on National Tree Day in Parklands and Dudley Park, near Mandurah. Community members are encouraged to get involved and can contact Birdlife for more information.

Another of Alcoa’s community partners, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, will also host a planting event on National Tree Day along the banks of Serpentine River at Landings Boulevard, in Coodanup. Again, community members are encouraged to get involved and can contact the catchment council for more information.

Greening Australia, Alcoa’s longest running community partner, is hosting several planting events in the lead-up to National Tree Day including with a group of about 40 Alcoa volunteers along the banks of the Serpentine River at Furnissdale, near Mandurah, this Thursday 25 July.

Last week, volunteers from Alcoa helped plant about 800 seedlings in Beeliar Regional Park, in Perth’s southern suburbs.The event was coordinated by The Friends of the Spectacles, another Alcoa partner.