September 28, 2018

Alcoa welcomes employees back to work

Alcoa of Australia (Alcoa) has welcomed a decision by the Australia Workers’ Union (AWU) to end its industrial action regarding a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) for the Company’s Western Australian operations.

Alcoa will take a revised EBA with enhanced job security provisions to an employee vote in October.

The revised EBA includes a commitment from Alcoa that it will not make employees forcibly redundant by outsourcing their work or replacing them with limited-term or casual employees.

Alcoa Chairman and Managing Director Michael Parker said he looked forward to the matter being resolved as quickly as possible for the sake of all parties, most importantly employees who were expected to return to work in the coming days.

“Now we have addressed job security, we encourage the AWU to endorse the EBA,” Mr Parker said.

“We thank our dedicated teams who have kept our Western Australian operations running safely and productively during this difficult time and now look forward to welcoming all employees back to work.”

Mr Parker said any new EBA must allow Alcoa to manage its business according to increasingly volatile global operating demands.

“We want to resolve this matter so we can provide certainty to all parties and return our focus to remaining internationally competitive, attracting ongoing investment and providing secure and well-paid jobs now and for future generations.”

Employees will receive more information on the revised EBA in the coming days and weeks before voting in mid-October.

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Editor’s note
Alcoa of Australia (Alcoa) has a proud history in Australia which it hopes to continue by remaining internationally competitive, attracting ongoing investment and providing jobs for future generations.

  • Alcoa has been contributing to Australia’s economy since 1963, investing more than $12 billion over 55 years.
  • More than 65 per cent of Alcoa’s total annual revenue stays in Australia through wages, local purchasing, taxes, royalties, capital investment and dividends to Australian shareholders.
  • Alcoa employs more than 4,275 people in Australia. About 3,750 live in WA.
  • In our 55 years, Alcoa has taken on more than 2000 apprentices, trainees and graduates.
  • Alcoa invested $1.7 billion with Australian suppliers in 2017.
  • Alcoa paid $654 million in Australian wages, salaries and associated benefits in 2017.
  • Alcoa paid $400 million in State, Federal and Local government taxes and royalties in 2017.
  • Alcoa made $4.2 million in community contributions in 2017.

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