July 04, 2018

Alcoa Peel Regional Office celebrates 10 years

Alcoa’s commitment to the Peel region was celebrated this week when the company’s regional office in Pinjarra reached its 10th birthday.

Peel Regional Office celebrates 10 years - 1
Alcoa Peel Regional Office employees celebrate 10 years in Pinjarra.

The office, located on the corner of Pinjarra Road and Roe Street, is home to Alcoa employees who work in support functions including human resources, finance, procurement and facilities management.

Alcoa Chairman and Managing Director Michael Parker said on top of the benefits delivered by local employment, the Peel Regional Office supported local businesses through contracts for services such as security, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, waste disposal and catering.

“We are proud to be part of the Peel and Pinjarra community,” Mr Parker said.

“With several of our Australia operations located in the Peel region, the Pinjarra office is an important business centre for Alcoa. It is also an important ongoing economic contributor to the local community.”

Alcoa employs more than 3,750 people in WA, about 2000 of which live in the Peel region.

Shire of Murray president David Bolt said Alcoa’s regional office offered many benefits to the local community, supporting both economic growth and local job opportunities.

“The Shire of Murray welcomes Alcoa's continued commitment and support to the town of Pinjarra,” Cr Bolt said. “By investing locally close to (the company’s) centres of operation, it not only supports our economy but helps foster a positive and beneficial relationship with the local workforce and the wider community throughout the Peel region.”

Designed by architectural firm Hames Sharley and built by Pindan Constructions, Alcoa’s Peel regional headquarters set a new benchmark in leading edge office design for the Pinjarra area when it was opened in 2008.

Materials were chosen to reflect Alcoa’s operations. The bauxite mining operations are echoed in the use of earthy masonry walls rendered in bauxite tones, while the company’s product is reflected in contrasting steel and aluminium superstructure elements.

In line with Alcoa’s global commitment to sustainability, the building continues to maintain its 4.5-star national energy rating.

Alcoa has 10 years remaining on the company’s 20-year lease agreement for the Peel office building.


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