11 January 2016

Waroona bushfire

UPDATED: 11.00am Monday 11 January 2016
Our sympathies are with all those who have suffered losses in the fire. We will do everything we can to assist employees and the local communities as they recover from this tragic event in the coming weeks and months.
Alcoa owns approximately 80 houses in Yarloop. We are yet to make an assessment of fire damage to these houses and will not do so until authorities deem it safe to enter Yarloop.
Restoration of normal operations at the Wagerup alumina refinery was the focus of work teams over the weekend. Work to stabilise production will continue during the coming days.
There are currently no active fires impacting the plant, however Alcoa fire crews continue to monitor burnt out areas. There have been no injuries to employees or contractors reported as a result of the fire.
Access to the refinery remains restricted. Limited numbers of employees are being bussed to and from the site with the support of local authorities.
The recovery effort at Willowdale mine is focused on ensuring a safe work environment so repairs to power infrastructure can be completed. In addition, work is continuing to establish safe employee access to the site in preparation for mining operations to resume.
Employees with questions about their work instructions should contact their manager or supervisor.
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