22 October 2015

Pinjarra Worm Farm celebrates 20 years

(L-R) Sutherland Enterprises employee Cam Turner, Managing Director of Sutherland Enterprises Donald Sutherland, Site Manager Kelly Roberts, and Pinjarra Refinery Manager Simon Pascoe

Pinjarra Refinery Manager Simon Pascoe said recycling and material re-use had been part of Alcoa’s business practices for many years.

“The worm farm is a tangible example of our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle. This approach helps employees understand how important it is that we minimise waste going to landfill,” Simon said.

Alcoa operates a three bin system which was developed in conjunction with the worm farm team. As part of the system, employees from each of the company’s WA locations sort their own rubbish into recyclables, landfill or organics. The organic matter, including food waste, tea bags, paper towels, and napkins, is then delivered to the worm farm weekly. The organic waste is decomposed by the worms and used as a soil blend to fertilise gardens.

“The three bin system directly engages employees in our waste minimisation program,” Simon said.

“Through the worm farm, they also see firsthand how the gardens around the refinery benefit from waste being turned into valuable fertiliser.”

Manager of the facility, Don Sutherland of Sutherland Enterprises, said the chance to effect change in attitudes towards recycling, composting and working waste back through the worm farm to create a new product was an amazing opportunity.

“Tour groups really enjoy visiting the worm farm. Many people are so impressed with what they see they leave enthusiastic about starting their own worm farm or compost bin,” Don said.

Visitors to the worm farm see thousands of worms at work 24 hrs per day.
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