14 September 2015

Alcoa-Western Shield partnership out-foxes predators

This cute baby Western Pygmy Possum is expected to thrive in its native jarrah forest habitat, but a number of its cousins are still on the endangered species list.

Garrett Dixon, President Alcoa Mining said, "Our support for the Western Shield program follows Alcoa’s previous support for Operation Foxglove from 1994 to 1995, a fox-baiting research program that was successful in recovering populations of native animals.“

“Monitoring and supporting conservation of fauna populations is an integral part of our program to ensure biodiversity in our mined land rehabilitated areas,” he said.
One of the biggest wildlife conservation programs ever undertaken in Australia, Mr Jacob said Alcoa’s funding would continue to support fox baiting to protect threatened native animals in the forest north of Mundaring to Collie. Introduced predators such as feral cats and foxes are key factors in the decline of native mammals.

“Alcoa has been a big supporter of Western Shield for nearly 20 years,” said Mr Jacob.
“Through fox baiting, some threatened species are showing promising signs as a result of recovery action.”
Western Shield aims to return the balance and mixture of animals in selected areas across the state to levels comparable to pre-European settlement – with a focus on threatened species.

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