06 March 2015

Aluminium a stand out at Sculpture by the Sea

Tim Macfarlane Reid with his sculpture 'One Door Opens', which is made of aluminium and steel.

It is stylish, strong, lightweight, non-corrosive and shines brilliantly in daylight; all reasons why nine artists used aluminium in their Sculpture by the Sea artworks this year.
2015 marks the 11th year founding partner Alcoa of Australia has lent its support to the iconic sculpture showcase which runs from 6-23 March at Cottesloe Beach.
Alcoa’s 11-year partnership includes a materials subsidy for selected artists choosing to create masterpieces in aluminium.
This year five Western Australians received the aluminium subsidy - Ron Gomboc, Brad Jackson, Tim Macfarlane Reid, Olivia Samec and James Moe.
“I’m fortunate to have gained Alcoa’s support for my aluminium sculpture ‘One Door Opens,” said acclaimed artist and Sculpture by the Sea’s newest Decade Club Member Tim Macfarlane Reid.
“Receiving this sponsorship makes it possible for artists to maximise the potential of their concept design, enabling well-scaled works to be exhibited.”
Tim said a quote by 19th century Indian artist, author and Nobel Prize winner R. Tagore was the inspiration for his sculpture.
“Tagore reminds us that the journey does not end, so within my work I created contrasts, using aluminium and steel, to explore the idea of opposites, wholeness and completion.”
 “I love the bright reflective qualities of aluminium; they beautifully offset other materials and make any beachside installation eye-catching,” he said.
Alcoa of Australia Managing Director Alan Cransberg said Alcoa also valued these unique qualities along with aluminium’s strength, durability and versatility.
“Many people don’t realise the role aluminium plays in their everyday lives – it’s in iPods, computers, mobile phones, cars, buildings, jumbo jets and much more - and for the next two weeks it’s on display at Cottesloe for everyone to enjoy,” Alan said.
“This event is a true display of aluminium’s versatility; with added creative value in the form of stunning sculpture,” he said.
Alcoa School Education Program
Alcoa’s partnership with Sculpture by the Sea also includes the Alcoa School Education Program which will enable more than 2,400 students, 340 from schools around Alcoa’s operations, to participate in hands-on workshops with exhibiting artists to create mini-masterpieces using aluminium wire and foil.
In addition, another 6,000 students are expected to attend Sculpture by the Sea, learning more about the arts through free online teaching resources available as part of the wider Alcoa School Education Program. To access the free material visit www.sculpturebythesea.com/education/Cottesloe.
Alcoa is a founding partner of Sculpture by the Sea, having sponsored the exhibition since its inception in WA in 2005.
Each year Alcoa invests approximately $4 million in community programs in Western Australia and Victoria and dedicates thousands of hours in people time through employee volunteering.


Media contacts
Alcoa of Australia: Jane McGuire, 0410 694 676 or jane.mcguire@alcoa.com.au
Sculpture by the Sea:  Zoe Kazic, Exhibition Coordinator, 02 8399 0233 or submissions@sculpturebythesea.com 

Sponsored aluminium sculpture details:
# 57 Brad Jackson’s sculpture, Wanderers Conventus, is made entirely of aluminium.

# 67 Ron Gomboc’s sculpture, Cycle of life – living, is made entirely of aluminium
# 6 Tim Macfarlane Reid’s sculpture, One door opens, is made of aluminium and steel.
# 34 Olivia Samec and James Moe’s fully submerged sculpture, Sanctuary, incorporates aluminium to keep the sculpture strong and fixed to the ocean floor.

More about Sculpture by the Sea:
An estimated 220,000 people are expected to converge on Cottesloe Beach during the free 18 day exhibition (6 – 23 March), from serious art-lovers and collectors to members of the general public looking to enjoy sculptures while enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

More than 70 artists from across the world, along with home grown local and interstate sculptors will exhibit. Visit www.sculpturebythesea.com for more information about this event.