October 16, 2018

Anglesea power station successfully felled

3 October 2018

As part of Alcoa of Australia’s decommissioning of the Anglesea power station and mine, the power station structure was successfully felled by controlled explosives today.

Alcoa Site Manager Warren Sharp said the demolition was completed according to plan while the wind was blowing away from the Anglesea township.

“At 1:15pm, controlled explosives were used to fell the power station structure at which time the wind was blowing in a south-south-west direction,” Mr Sharp said.

“Now that the structure has been demolished, it is expected to take up to six months to process and remove the mainly steel materials from the site.

“The removal process will be undertaken in accordance with Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements to ensure the safety of all onsite personnel and the community.”

Feedback about the demolition activity will be presented at next week’s Alcoa Community Consultation Network meeting and in the community update in the Surf Coast Times.

Alcoa and principal contractor Industrial Demolition Services worked with government agencies including EPA Victoria, Worksafe Victoria and emergency services (Victoria Police, SES and CFA) to ensure all safety and environmental standards related to the demolition were met.

Preparations included a comprehensive twelve-month asbestos removal program, a process regulated by Worksafe Victoria.

Air monitoring results

As part of the demolition of the Anglesea power station on 3 October, a qualified occupational hygienist from Environmental Health Solutions was engaged to conduct air monitoring for asbestos and dust.

The demolition occurred at 1:15pm, at which time the wind direction was south-south-west, away from town.

A dust monitor was located at the edge of town, at the DELWP office in Camp Road.

The results from the dust monitoring indicate that at the monitoring location, the measured particulate concentrations were identical before, during and two hours following the demolition.

Asbestos monitors were located at seven positions around the perimeter of the power station site. The results indicate that there were no asbestos fibres detected at any of the locations.

Download Anglesea demolition air monitoring results 3 October 2018


Update posted 16 October 2018:

Post demolition air monitoring

EPA Victoria required Alcoa to monitor for dust during and immediately following the demolition activity, and for asbestos for seven days after the demolition activity.

Independent consultant, Environmental Health Solutions concluded that the dust monitoring results in the two days following the demolition "further indicate(s) that the demolition had no measurable impact with regards to dust at the location."

Asbestos monitors were located at four positions in close proximity to the power station site for seven days following the demolition. The results indicate that no airborne fibres have been detected above the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 asbestos exposure standard.

Download Anglesea demolition air monitoring results post event


Ongoing asbestos monitoring

Alcoa’s priority is to continue to ensure the safety of the workforce and the community. 

During the Alcoa Community Consultation Network (CCN) meeting on 8 October 2018, Alcoa committed to continue the asbestos monitoring during the recovery and processing of the power station material to provide further reassurance to the community.

The results of this monitoring will be shared with the community via monthly Community Updates published in the Surf Coast Times and at future CCN meetings.


Further information: Kate Betts, kate.betts@alcoa.com or 0400 209 497