The Power Station Site

Consistent with the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 1999 (as amended 2013) (NEPM), Alcoa has commissioned a series of Tier 1 preliminary site investigations to identify the potential nature and extent of contamination at the site, resulting from historical land use and activities.

Based on the outcomes of Tier 1 preliminary investigations, detailed investigations and site specific risk assessments may be undertaken to enable future site management strategies to be devised.

As with the associated mine site, Alcoa’s strong commitment to its values of health, safety and protection of the environment are key priorities for this process.

Statutory Clean Up Notice

As part of due process for an industrial site, the EPA issued Alcoa with statutory clean up notice 90006380 on 10 October 2015, requiring the company to manage environmental contamination at the site in preparation for future use. On 25 September 2017, the EPA Victoria issued Alcoa with an amended clean up notice to align with the plant’s decommissioning schedule and in recognition of the scale of the assessment work still to be completed. The notice outlining the site’s environmental assessment process is now due for compliance by September 2019 (previously October 2017).

In line with the clean-up notice, an independent environmental auditor is assessing the processes undertaken and provides independent reports to the EPA. Alcoa is also required to provide a written update to the EPA every quarter.

To date, there have been no unexpected matters identified by Alcoa or the EPA.

Asbestos Landfill

Under license with the EPA, Alcoa has operated and maintained an onsite asbestos landfill on the power station site for the disposal of asbestos used in the original construction of the power station.

The operation of this landfill is regularly audited. The landfill will be used during power station decommissioning activities and will remain under license to the EPA during this period. The landfill will be regulated once closed through a separate statutory notice process with the EPA.

Anglesea Power Station Site

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