Alcoa Foundation Investments
Wherever Alcoa operates across the globe, we work hard to earn our social license to operate every day. Guided by the Alcoa Community Framework, Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation partner with nonprofits, academic institutions, local governments, and civic organizations to address community development needs and advance our core priorities around environment and education.

Our commitment is further strengthened by the hands–on work of our thousands of employee volunteers, who each day play an active role in making our neighborhoods and the communities in which Alcoa operates safer, stronger, and more compelling places to live and work.

To learn more about how Alcoa is addressing local needs and tackling global challenges, please visit the Alcoa Foundation website.

Foundation ContactsFoundation in Norway
Anne Jahr
+47 75 17 91 00

Alcoa Employees Making a DifferenceFind out how Alcoa’s employee volunteers are helping to strengthen your community.