EHS Vision, Values, Mission, and Policy

This policy applies worldwide to Alcoa and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partnerships, ventures and other business associations that are effectively controlled by Alcoa, directly or indirectly (together the "Company"), and all directors, officers and employees of the Company.

EHS Vision

Building a sustainable EHS culture - A culture is a collective way of being and as Alcoans our EHS culture continues to define us and our operations. We have a culture where employees and contractors are engaged in EHS and care for each other.

EHS Values

We work safely, promote wellness and protect the environment. These values are embedded within each of Alcoa’s core values:

  • Act with Integrity: We are honest and accountable, committed to high EHS standards and compliance with laws and policies.
  • Operate with Excellence: We are innovative in protecting our people and the environment; we operate sustainably and integrate critical controls.
  • Care for People: We work safely, promote health, support our community, and promote engagement.

EHS Mission

Alcoa will operate globally in a safe, responsible manner respecting the environment and the health of our employees, our customers, suppliers, contractors, and the communities in which we operate. We will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production.

EHS Policy

Each location within Alcoa must have a policy, appropriate to the nature and scale of activities being managed, that incorporates the following principles and objectives:

  • We value human life above all else and manage risks accordingly,
  • We comply with all laws and set higher standards for ourselves and our suppliers where unacceptable risks are identified,
  • We seek to continually improve EHS systems and processes in an effort to achieve zero FSI Actual (life altering/life ending) injuries and zero major environmental (impacting environment or communities) incidents,
  • We establish measurable objectives to track our progress,
  • We facilitate transparent assessment and reporting of EHS incidents,
  • We are a learning organization,
  • We incorporate stakeholder impacts into our decision-making processes, and
  • We encourage employee participation and promote employee awareness of EHS threats and opportunities.

Each policy must be (i) documented, (ii) approved by senior management of the location, (iii) communicated to all relevant internal and external stakeholders and (iv) periodically reviewed to ensure it meets the needs and priorities of the business and this Policy.

(April 2019)