QR Codes

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. A QR code is used in print media. Using a Smart Phone, scan and read QR codes to link to the internet – images, web sites, videos. The QR code is used to give access to additional resources. They are becoming popular because scanning the code is simpler than typing a URL.

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How is Alcoa using QR codes?

Alcoa is using the QR codes in print media, such as the Annual Report, to enrich the content. Users will be able to link to additional content, such as videos or web pages with more details on a specific topic. Alcoa hopes that the use of QR code will enhance print documentation that we produce.

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How can I use the QR codes to link to more data?

Install QR reader software on your smart phone. Search the web for the QR reader that will best meet your needs, or follow these instructions.
Open your mobile phone’s browser,
1) go to get.beetagg.com,
2) download the free app,
3) launch the app,
4) click scan,
5) center your camera on the QR code, and
6) click to launch the content

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QR Code

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