Alcoa’s Enduring Values

August 2012


In the wake of the global economic crisis that began in 2008, Alcoa management and employees have faced our share of challenges and urgent business priorities.  It is during these times – when the pressures of the business are most intense – that we at Alcoa re-emphasize our commitment to our core values.

Alcoans are fortunate – we work for a company that regards our values as the very foundation of our great company.  Every Alcoan, regardless of level or position, is an ambassador for those values:  integrity in everything we do; accountability for our actions and results; respect for the safety of our people and the health of the environment.

Integrity is the "True North" that guides us even in the most difficult times; it’s what ensures open, honest and trustworthy dealings with our customers, suppliers, coworkers, shareholders and the communities where we do business.  When we live and work with integrity, we can emerge from the toughest of challenges, stronger than ever.  And when it comes to the environment and the health and safety of our employees, we will never compromise these essential values for success or profit.  That is non-negotiable.

No company is fit for long-term success unless it has reliable and tested compliance standards.  Our leaders are responsible for holding integrity discussions with their teams; for actively monitoring and detecting infractions; and for taking prompt and appropriate action if a violation occurs.  Each of us at Alcoa, at every location worldwide, is accountable for our actions and decisions; we are committed to upholding high standards for all of our stakeholders every day.

Our commitment to ethics, integrity and high EHS standards and practices are frequently validated by those outside of Alcoa – from the Covalence Ethical Ranking (a major international ethics scorecard of international companies), to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, to Fortune magazine’s respected Most Admired Companies list.  Endorsements like this confirm what Alcoans have practiced for nearly 125 years – a relentless focus on integrity, ethics and compliance; and a profound respect for the individual and for the environment.

I hope you share my profound pride in Alcoa – a company that is so widely respected for its clear, strong and enduring values.

Klaus Kleinfeld


Klaus KleinfeldChairman and Chief Executive Officer