Sustainability Approach

Across our global operations, sustainability drives us to minimize our negative impacts and maximize our value.

Advance sustainably is a strategic priority for our company. We believe that we can accelerate value creation by answering society’s increasing demand for sustainable solutions, which will benefit both our company and our stakeholders.

Our sustainability strategy supports our strategic priorities through three pillars:

  • Create sustainable value for the communities where we operate, with the aim to maintain our license to operate and grow our business.
  • Enhance the value of our products through differentiation to improve our profitability.
  • Minimize our negative environmental impacts and improve our health and safety performance to protect environmental and employee well-being and reduce our long-term risk exposure.

ADEFIP (Association of People with Disabilities) thanks Alcoa and Instituto Alcoa for helping us achieve our mission—to achieve, through qualification and rehabilitation, the inclusion of people with disabilities in society and their right to citizenship. Our partnership makes it possible to take ADEFIP outside of our walls, inspiring the city and creating true public policies. We are very grateful for all the support. Together, we are more!”

Ana Paula Gonçalves Tranche

Creating Sustainable Value
We actively participate in the communities where we operate around the world, and we want these communities to thrive. We view our presence as an opportunity to help develop and enable economic activity, environmental practices and social programs that are sustainable, remaining even once our role ends. At the same time, being a good neighbor enables our operations to grow and create additional value.

Enhancing Product Value
The global markets in which we compete are increasingly driven by significant challenges, including population growth, urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity. Inherently sustainable, aluminum helps our customers address these challenges and capture the opportunities they present.

Improving Our Footprint
Guiding our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint are ambitious 2025 and 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water, mine rehabilitation, diversity and inclusion, safety and health, and stakeholder engagement. We also serve as stewards of the land, operating in a manner that focuses on minimizing our negative impacts and maximizing ongoing sustainable use.

Learn more in the full 2019 Alcoa Sustainability Report.

Case Studies

    Meeting Special Needs in Suriname

    A training program funded by Alcoa Foundation is helping teachers in Suriname provide potentially life-changing vocational and environmental education to students with special needs.

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    On a Course to Employment

    A partnership between our Alumar operations in São Luís, Brazil, and national training organization SENAI is boosting workforce skill levels and creating sustainable employment opportunities for the region’s residents.

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