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These case studies illustrate how Alcoa is acting upon its commitment to sustainable development throughout the world. We are pleased with this progress, but look forward to achieving even more.

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United States

Helping Military Veterans Transition to the Civilian Workforce


Global Efforts Eliminating the Risks of Mobile Equipment


Clearing the Career Path for Women in Brazil

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Contractor Safety Management Program Reduces Risk of Serious Injury

Working to ensure contractor safety was on par with employee safety at its refinery and smelters, Alcoa Global Primary Products (GPP) Europe implemented a comprehensive three-year contractor safety management program that resulted in zero fatalities and a significant decline in serious injuries.


Diverse Programs Creating Tomorrow’s Environmental Stewards

Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s environmental stewards, and numerous programs developed or supported by Alcoa are ensuring students have the skills and knowledge they need to assume this critical role.


Family Agriculture Program Grows Sustainable Income, Food Sources

Before participating in Alcoa’s Family Agriculture Program in Juruti, Brazil, Sebastião Nascimento was unaware that he could grow and sell the vegetables that he saw in the local supermarket.


Alcoa Business Builds a Culture of Health and Wellness

Alcoa’s Building & Construction Systems (BCS) North America business has implemented an aggressive strategy to build a culture of health and wellness at its 20 locations and ensure its 2,100 employees have access to the information, tools, and support they need to take responsibility for their personal health and wellness.


Alcoa Refineries Strive to Eliminate Burn Injuries

Alcoa’s Global Primary Products business group created the Refinery Burn Prevention Initiative in 2014 to eliminate risks that could lead to serious and life-altering chemical and thermal burns in Alcoa refineries worldwide.


Deepening Local Talent Pools

As economies shift and workforces evolve, Alcoa locations around the world are developing a local labor force that has the skills and knowledge necessary to meet not only their needs but often those of the communities in which they operate.


Making Progress on the Path to Zero Waste

Challenged to have zero waste to landfill by 2030, Alcoa locations are reducing the volume of waste they generate and increasing recycling and reuse options for waste that is created.


Quality Improvements Go to the Birds

Bugged by insects causing major quality issues, Alcoa’s Danville Works rolling plant in the United States addressed the pesky issue by going to the birds.


Reducing Injury Risk through Engineering, Design, and Process Controls

Alcoa locations globally are reducing the risk of life-threatening or life-altering injuries in its casthouses through engineering, design, and process controls that limit or eliminate operator exposure at high-risk times during the ingot-casting process.