Zero Is Possible


Zero work-related injuries and illnesses have been long-standing goals for Alcoa. But when zero first became the target, it seemed unreachable. "Accidents are inevitable" was often the response.


They're not. We can attain zero. It is possible, and, in many locations, it is already here thanks to dedicated effort and a firm commitment to our core values, one of which is to work safely, promote wellness, and protect the environment.



As of Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016, Alcoa's lost workday (days away) rate for 2016 stood at 0.10, and the 2016 DART (days away plus restricted and job transfer) rate was 0.35. Each represents the number of injuries and illnesses cases per 100 full-time workers.




Working in teams and as individuals, we can build on this outstanding effort—and see zero extended to every Alcoa location, every day.