Bauxite Residue Land Requirements

We conduct a risk assessment and develop an operational plan for each location. We review and update both of these as appropriate throughout the facility’s lifecycle.

Our risk assessment considers the following:

  • Physical and chemical risk of the impoundment facility;
  • Environmental risks, including earthquakes, droughts and heavy rainfall, that could impact the facility and its operation; and
  • Other risks external to Alcoa and the facility, including regulatory and permitting risks.

The operational plan identifies mitigation and control measures to eliminate or avoid risk to the extent practicable; reduce risk by minimizing the likelihood or potential consequence of an unwanted event or condition that poses a risk; and detect, respond to and minimize the consequences if an unwanted event or condition occurs that poses a risk.

Learn more in the full 2019 Alcoa Sustainability Report.

Case Study

    Dam Break Drill Boosts Emergency Preparedness

    A full-scale dam break drill at our Poços de Caldas location in Brazil helped ensure first responders, residents and our employees are prepared in the unlikely event of a failure from one of the site’s bauxite residue storage areas.

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