Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We work to maintain transparent and regular communications with our stakeholders to ensure a mutual understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities.

Feedback from the communities where we operate is vital to our ongoing operations, so our locations use the Alcoa Stakeholder Engagement Framework to manage risks and opportunities associated with community rights and interests. The framework provides a systematic process to ensure active interaction with our stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

To incorporate community rights and interests in our everyday activities in a systematic manner, we published the Alcoa Social Policy and updated our Indigenous Peoples Statement to an Indigenous Peoples Policy in early 2021 to enhance our commitment to this particular minority group. We will implement both in 2021 through a set of standards that will further systematize our approach to community engagement with measurements on our social performance.

We also engage with stakeholders, primarily local communities and non-governmental organizations, through Alcoa Foundation globally and Instituto Alcoa in Brazil. The aim is to understand stakeholder needs and contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of our host communities.

In 2020, the pandemic impacted our host communities at varying levels. We decided to focus our efforts on supporting local organizations that were working on health care and food security. Our stakeholder engagement helped us identify the key players and their needs quickly and then react rapidly to navigate through the crisis.

Whilst Western Australia has luckily avoided the pandemic’s most devastating health effects, WA hasn’t escaped all COVID-19’s other consequences. Alcoa Foundation has supported Anglicare WA to deliver much-needed COVID-19 recovery support to communities in need across the southern tip of Greater Perth, Peel and South West regions. Rather than applying a broad-brush approach, what has made our partnership with Alcoa Foundation particularly impactful is the organization’s deep understanding of the unique communities in which it operates. This, in turn, has enabled us to develop and deliver a bespoke service response for each region. Alcoa Foundation truly understands its communities and has trusted us to do what we do best.”

Philippa Boldy
Director Services
Anglicare WA
Donated hay from Western Australia is loaded for shipment to eastern Australia, which was impacted by bushfires.

Concurrent with the pandemic, devastating bushfires on the east coast of Australia became another focus of our community giving in that region of the world.

In 2020, we engaged a third party to conduct a perception survey of our Alumar, Juruti and Poços de Caldas operations in Brazil. Approximately 200 stakeholders, including government officials, industry representatives, non-governmental organizations and community leaders, participated in telephone and email surveys. Results indicated the stakeholders recognize our commitment to local development, social responsibility, environmental stewardship and the care of our employees. Identified areas for improvement included improved transparency and communication with communities, the media and government.

Learn more, including the issues raised by stakeholders during 2020, in the full 2020 Alcoa Sustainability Report.

Case Studies

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    Four Million Ways Employees Help Their Communities

    With an AUS$12,800 donation to nonprofit Halo Team Inc. in 2020, our Western Australian employees celebrated a milestone of four decades and AUS$4 million in giving through the Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help (PEACH) employee-funded charity.

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