2019 Alcoa Economic Value

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2019 Alcoa Economic Value

Australia Europe North America South America Total
Labor Costs
(US$ billions)
0.5 0.3 0.7 0.1 1.6
Procurement Spend
(US$ billions)
1.8 2.1 3.7 1.2 8.8
Income Taxes
(US$ millions)
683.0 40.0 (8.1) 17.2 732.1

2019 Alcoa Foundation Investments

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2019 Alcoa Foundation Investments
Millions of U.S. dollars

(Millions of U.S. dollars)
Volunteer Hours
Australia 1.2 2,539
Europe 1.0 1,176
North America 1.3 2,448
South America 0.6 3,836
Global Outreach 1.9 n/a
Total 6.0 9,999

Europe includes Africa.

Mineral Revenues

As a signatory to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), we support enhancing the transparency of mineral revenues. We believe that engaging with and supporting governments that implement EITI’s principles helps to ensure mining revenues are used appropriately to address a host country’s and host community’s social needs.

During 2019, we had four active bauxite mining areas in Australia and Brazil and one active coal mine in the United States, which was fully curtailed in April 2019. We also have minority interests in bauxite mining activities in Brazil, Guinea and Saudi Arabia, but those non-controlled joint ventures are not included in this report. Learn more on the Alcoa section of the EITI website.

2019 Mining Royalties Paid
Millions of U.S. dollars

Country Royalties
Australia 65.3
Brazil 9.9
United States 0

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