Human Rights

At Alcoa, values have always been the foundation of our company. They govern the way we act, operate and interact with our customers, suppliers, communities and each other. Respect for human rights and the interests, cultures, customs and values of employees and communities is embedded in that foundation.

Our commitment to support the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Core Conventions are included in our new Human Rights Policy, which we published in early 2019. We strive to ensure this commitment is exemplified by our actions and those of each employee, supplier and business partner. Upon notification of any potential violations to our policy, we act quickly and decisively.

In 2019, we completed human rights risk assessments at our Juruti mine (Brazil), Baie Comeau smelter (Canada), San Ciprián refinery (Spain) and Mosjøen smelter (Norway) following the methodology of the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The assessment results did not show any areas of very high concern. However, the results identified potential risks related to corruption and contractor labor conditions in Brazil and limited surveillance of contractor compliance with human rights in Brazil, Canada, Norway and Spain. We are looking into these issues to ensure that our internal systems are strong to prevent any human rights abuses in those countries.

We also completed human rights due diligence—which is more in-depth analysis and stakeholder engagement—at our two mines and three refineries in Western Australia and our Alumar refinery in Brazil during 2019.

At our Western Australia operations, the due diligence identified improvement opportunities for greater consistency with the globally recognized standard of Free Prior and Informed Consent, as well as impacts on the environment and cultural traditions.

The due diligence at our Alumar location indicated risks related to impacts on surrounding communities and improvements regarding the management of critical suppliers. In response, we conducted onsite visits and provided human rights guidance for select suppliers in 2019.

The identified risks for both operations have been integrated into an action plan that is overseen by the Alcoa Human Rights Council. Progress is reported to high-level management on a periodic basis.

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