Human Rights

Our values have always been the foundation of our company. They govern the way we act, operate and interact with our customers, suppliers, communities and each other. Respect for human rights and the interests, cultures, customs and values of employees and communities is embedded in that foundation.

Our commitment to support the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Core Conventions are incorporated into our Human Rights Policy. We strive to ensure this commitment is exemplified by our actions and those of each employee, supplier and business partner. If we become aware of any potential violations to our policy, we act quickly and decisively.

In 2020, we completed human rights risk assessments at our San Ciprián refinery (Spain), Fjarðaál smelter (Iceland) and Lista smelter (Norway) following methodology adapted from the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The assessment results did not show any areas of very high concern but did identify a few opportunities for improvement related to contractor and key supplier onsite audits and questionnaires. We are looking into these issues to ensure that our internal systems are strong to prevent any human rights abuses in those operations.

We also completed human rights due diligence, which is a more in-depth analysis and review of stakeholder engagement, at our Juruti mine and Poços de Caldas mine, refinery and casthouse in Brazil during 2020. We decided to complete these due diligences because of the higher intrinsic risks associated with operating in Brazil. We previously completed due diligence at our Alumar refinery in that country.

We have addressed the identified risks and impacts for all of our locations in an action plan that is overseen by the Alcoa Human Rights Council. Progress is reported to high-level management on a periodic basis.

Indigenous Peoples
We recognize and respect the diversity, cultures, customs and values of Indigenous and other Land-Connected Peoples where we operate, and we acknowledge their needs, concerns and aspirations regarding their heritage and traditions.

In 2020, we reflected on our approach to Indigenous and Land-Connected Peoples and updated our Indigenous Peoples Statement to an Indigenous Peoples Policy to demonstrate our company-wide commitment to these efforts.

As part of our strategic long-term goal to implement a social management system at all locations by 2022, we developed global standards for engaging with Indigenous and Land-Connected Peoples and managing cultural heritage. These standards will drive consistency in our approach across our operations, strengthen our practices to work more constructively with Indigenous and Land-Connected Peoples, and ensure that we align with the International Council on Mining and Mineral’s Indigenous Peoples and Mining Statement.

For more than half a century, Alcoa has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities in which we operate in Australia. We launched our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in February 2020.

Learn more in the full 2020 Alcoa Sustainability Report.