Inclusion and Diversity

We seek to provide a trusting workplace that is safe, respectful and inclusive and reflects the diversity of the communities where we operate.

Our primary focus is to drive more intentional actions to advance equity, inclusion and diversity. Recognizing this will be a multi-year journey, our key focus areas are:

  • Diversifying our applicant pool;
  • Diversifying hiring and promotions;
  • Improving our employee experience to retain diverse employees; and
  • Managing pay equity and pay fairness across our diverse employee populations.

Following the endorsement of our inclusion and diversity strategy by our Executive Team and Board of Directors, we formed the inaugural Alcoa Global Inclusion & Diversity Council in 2020. The council has a diverse representation of leaders from across our global operations. Its primary role is to support the execution of our inclusion and diversity strategy to create trusting workplaces that are safe, respectful and inclusive and that reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Kyeema’s long-running partnership with Portland Aluminium smelter has been the backbone of Kyeema’s supported employment program for people with disabilities. We are incredibly grateful for the employment it provides so they can actively participate as valued members of our community. Dozens of people over the years have experienced real work at the smelter. While this builds important skills, more importantly it gives them a sense of belonging. That part is always a joy to see.”

Julie Amor
Chief Executive Officer
Kyeema Support Services

To support our inclusion and diversity priorities, we deployed the Catalyst for Change program in 2020. Under the program, leaders pledge to promote inclusion and diversity through actions that can include championing or leading inclusion groups, mentoring diverse employees, promoting flexible work arrangements, leading awareness training in unconscious bias and more.

In 2020, we conducted our second gender pay equity analysis. The study assessed pay equity for our salaried employees following best practice methodology with a third-party consultant. The following are key findings:

  • Pay within band (equal pay for same job level): 2 percent gender pay gap, which is considered pay parity. This is consistent with 2019, when we also reported a gap of 2 percent.
  • Pay gap (overall equity in earnings): 17 percent gender pay gap, which is a 1 percentage point improvement from 2019.

Our approach in 2021 will continue to focus on increasing gender diversity, with a broader emphasis on improving workforce diversity of underrepresented groups related to ethnicity and disability.

2020 Global Women

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2020 Global Women

Diversity Indicator Percentage
Females on the Alcoa Corporation Board of Directors 33.3
Female share of total workforce 15.6
Females in all management positions 25.7
Females in junior management positions 25.7
Females in top management positions 25.5
Females in management positions in revenue-generating functions as a % of all such managers 41.9
Our global women calculation is based on all categories of employees, including full and part-time permanent, full and part-time apprentice, and graduate employees.

Case Studies

    Connection Paired with Support

    Recognizing that the pandemic was causing increased stress and feelings of isolation, the Brazil chapter of the Alcoa Women’s Network (AWN) launched a unique program to provide connection and support.

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    Diversity Milestone in the Casthouse

    Our Poços de Caldas casthouse in Brazil achieved a diversity milestone in 2020 with the appointment of the first all-female duo to work in the hot top casting unit.

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