GRP Aquiring Talent Program
GRP Acquiring Talent Program: Developing the Alcoa Leaders of Tomorrow

Becoming a part of the Alcoa/GRP Acquiring Talent Program (ATP) is an ideal way to advance your career. Your job opportunities are vast and the experiences you’ll enjoy will be extensive and firmly establish your Alcoa career. With ATP, you’ll promote your own personal and professional growth by assisting Alcoa in various locations and positions across the globe. With your acceptance in the ATP program, you’ll experience exciting career potential, gaining valuable skills and building a secure future.

ATP was built in 2008 under the talent management strategic initiative to prepare future leaders for challenging assignments across GRP. In ATP, you’ll participate in pre-determined rotational assignments across GRP's locations. The assignments range from 18-24 months and include at least two rotations.

Recruiting of the next round of high-potential individuals for this successful program is underway. We’re targeting internal and external candidates for this key developmental opportunity. We are seeking individuals who crave responsibility from day one, and want an exciting and rewarding career. To be considered, you must have a bachelor's degree or advanced degree in operations management, business, finance, human resources, marketing, sales or engineering and be willing to relocate to any GRP locations. Job grades range from 16-18.

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