We might just be made for each other.

Us: Best in our industry at operating, executing and innovating. You: seeking an opportunity to achieve, a home for your career, and a work environment that values creativity, diversity, and initiative. If this sounds like a fit, consider applying with us.

Alcoa thrives by developing best practices that improve our business of bauxite, alumina and aluminum. But that’s not all. Just as important, we develop best practices for meeting environmental goals and supporting our communities, and we implement these ideas with consistency and precision across a global, multicultural organization.

This kind of operating excellence takes a special kind of team, made up of special people. One of them could be you.

Join our team

We seek highly motivated people who can help us succeed. While each position requires specific skills, in general we look for candidates who:

  • Demonstrate strong leadership
  • Approach problem solving creatively
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Apply strong analytical skills
  • Collaborate in a team environment
  • Focus on the customer

What it's like to work here

Around the world, we share common goals:

  • We empower our people to make continuous improvements.
  • We create an environment in which all employees develop and contribute to their full potential.
  • We embrace diversity at all levels, believing that superior company performance requires a variety of employee experiences, backgrounds, and characteristics.
  • We reward and recognize outstanding results.
  • From day one, we expect every employee to contribute and make a difference.

Proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer

As part of our Alcoa values and our commitment as an Equal Opportunity (EEO) employer, we are excited to publish our second Gender Pay Gap report. The report includes all global salaried employees and evaluated whether we have pay equity by gender, which involves calculating the average earnings for both men and women and then making comparisons between those two groups.

Alcoa reports the analysis in two ways (below), following best practice methodology with third-party analysis. In both measurements, parity is considered when the result is within three percentage points, plus or minus:

  • Pay within band – Equal pay for equal work. This metric compares average earnings within specific pay band categories.
    • Our 2020 result showed a 2% Gender Pay Gap, which is considered pay parity. We also received pay parity in 2019, where we also reported a gap of 2%.
    • Put simply, women earn 98 percent of what men make in the same pay bands.
  • Pay Gap – Overall equity in earnings. This compares the overall pay average for all salaried employees across the globe.
    • Our 2020 study showed an overall 17% Gender Pay Gap. A 1% reduction from our 2019 reported pay gap.
    • This means that overall, women earn 83 percent of what men earn when all salaried positions are compared globally.
    • This larger gap reflects the lower representation of women in senior positions.
2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

We are committed to achieving gender balance throughout Alcoa and are working to define longer-term intentional actions to improve overall equity in earnings. More broadly, we continue to execute against our overall inclusion and diversity strategies for the betterment of all.

Award-winning sustainability performance

Most Admired Metals Company in the World
—Fortune Magazine

Aluminum Industry Leader in Annual Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Alcoa has been named the Aluminum Industry leader in the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI); listed in the DJSI North America Index.

Gold Supplier - Supply Chain Management

Alcoa Gold Supplier status two years in a row.
Alcoa among the top 8 percent of companies in non-ferrous industry.
- EcoVadis, sustainability rating agency