Advancing Sustainably Through EHS Excellence

Environment, Health and Safety

Key cornerstones of Environment, Health and Safety

We know that our work doesn’t stop when we process our materials or ship our products to customers. We have a consistent, never-ending job in making sure that we’re stewards of the land we’re trusted to manage, living our Alcoa Value to Care for People through protections of health and safety.

Our EHS programs focus on reducing emissions, water consumption, bauxite residue and waste while helping ensure our employees and the surrounding communities are healthy and safe.

We strive to lead by example, and our performance is driven by and measured against strategic long-term goals.

See our EHS policy. Additional policies are available here on the sustainability page.

Protect the health and safety of our global workforce

With a relentless pursuit toward reducing accidents, redesigning processes and equipment to reduce risk, safety is always top of mind for all our locations, whether employees, contractors, temporary workers or visitors. We prioritize their health and wellbeing, as One Alcoa, and we are proud of our global directive that enables any employee to “Stop for Safety.”

Zero Accidents

Each day, we strive for a goal of zero accidents and a safer environment for everyone working at our locations. We continually look for ways to improve controls, systems and tools. Through our proactive safety and incident reporting program, we are committed to health and safety before any other priorities, putting the protection of human life above all else.

Net Zero Emissions

With an ambition to reach net zero emissions across our global operations by 2050, our team is working toward game-changing technologies to help build a more sustainable aluminum industry and contribute to a low-carbon future.

Occupational Disease Prevention

We aim to prevent occupational disease through our exposure controls. This includes the personal health and well-being of our workforce and the communities In which we live.

Due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a new standard to address fatigue risk management in 2020 and strengthened our focus on mental health.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Response