Meet the Earthwatchers!
Team 1: Brazil - Conserving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest
Latoya Perkins
Country: Jamaica
Alcoa Branch: Jamaica
Job Title: Mine Reserve Geologist
“This fellowship will provide the opportunity to work outside of my home country and become familiar with global environmental issues and sustainability programs. From this experience, I wish to gain a better understanding of different environmental issues resulting from climate change and further use my knowledge to implement environmental sustainability at work and in the mining communities.”
Luc Bourassa
Country: Canada
Alcoa Branch: Baie-Comeau smelter
Job Title: Human Resources, Communications and ABS Manager
“In my three years with Alcoa, the company's commitment to sustainable development has made me aware of various issues related to industrial activities and their impact. It has also made me aware of the necessity to share and gain from others' success stories. I believe that dialogue and shared knowledge are key, if we (humanity, Alcoa, my community, my friends and family) are to succeed in the challenges that lie ahead. As fast growing market and emerging economy, understanding Brazil and China and the opportunities they present will be key to successful organizations and individuals in the years to come. I want to be a part of it and I believe I can be an asset to Alcoa in the process.”
Michelle Foy
Country: United States
Alcoa Branch: Mt. Holly
Job Title: Environmental Specialist
“I’m thankful that Alcoa Foundation has selected me as an Earthwatch fellow. I’m looking forward to learning, first-hand, from scientist that study biodiversity and ecosystem services. Data collection and documentation in the field is the foundation for future projects in this region and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. On a personal level, I am committed to bringing back and sharing a global perspective of sustainability to the community where I live and work.”
Victor Martinez
Country: Spain
Alcoa Branch: San Ciprian
Job Title: Mechanic
“I believe that any contribution, however small, is of great importance in order to minimize the serious problem our planet faces regarding climate change. I am certain that I will be able to obtain useful results and conclusions via such an experience and that these will be applicable to the community I live in. I will also ensure that other people involved in the project will fully commit themselves in the same way. Climate change affects us all, and we all must take responsibility, be it to a lesser or greater degree.”
Sandro Souza Miranda
Country: Brazil
Alcoa Branch: Tubarão
Job Title: SSMA Engineer
“I submitted my application because I believe that is possible to identify several opportunities to stop environmental disasters I see happening in the world. The quest for sustainability as the focus in these studies is the right thing. I believe in the work and I am fully convinced that when we participate in such activities, our mind develops a package of ideas. My contribution would be to apply all the technical knowledge learned in college and the volunteer work performed in connection with other team members to identify and understand problems, and use the brainstorm to draw solutions. The learning acquired in this program as other colleagues who participated said in their statements is fascinating.”
Edson Augusto dos Reis
Country: Brazil
Alcoa Branch: Poços de Caldas
Job Title: Supervisor
“For years, I have applied to this program because it has a direct relationship with my current function of sustainability and EMS Supervisor at Alcoa. I have participated directly on many different initiatives and sustainability projects in the region and I think part of this project will add a lot to my professional development and to the department. The second reason, for having great interest in the subject, is my many years working as a volunteer in nonprofit organizations linked to this cause.”
Karen Macedo Monteiro
Country: Brazil
Location: Poços de Caldas
Job title: Treasury Assistant
“I want to learn more about sustainability to know how we can work together to make this a better world. With this unique opportunity to participate actively in an expedition, I intend to dedicate myself to the practices and teachings to later share them with my family, colleagues and community. This experience will also provide a greater knowledge of Alcoa's initiatives related to sustainable development and how I can direct my actions and collaborate to engage others in this cause.”
Elaine Generoso
Country: Brazil
Alcoa Branch: Poços de Caldas
Job Title: Accounting Analyst
“This program gives us an opportunity to really live the issues that will be discussed. It is definitely a unique opportunity and what really caught my attention were the themes that will be discussed in the expedition. For example: how the forests respond to the climate changes, global environmental issues and Alcoa’s sustainability program. I love nature and I have a great respect and admiration for it. After participating in this program, I’m sure I will be more qualified and conscious to act in a sustainable way and help in this preservation. I’d put a lot of effort into learning and then sharing it with my colleagues and the community through concrete actions.”
Team 2: China - Climate Change in China’s Dinghushan Forest
Alexander Kazulin
Country: Russia 
Alcoa Branch: Russia
Job Title: Business analyst
“For me it is a chance to give back and contribute to our environment, help preserve and save it through simple yet challenging steps: assisting and working alongside the scientific research teams and conducting collection of field data for the environmental research projects in many different areas including climate change. It is an opportunity to be a part of a truly international team of Alcoans, get a feel of what teamwork is outside the office, with a team which has different way of understanding  sustainability and ecosystem in an unusual and challenging environment. I’d love to build friendships within Alcoa with people that have similar values from all over the globe. I am sure I can benefit form this experience thanks to the team’s diversity in knowledge and skills, which will result in broadening our personal and professional experience.”
Angeline Kong
Country: United States 
Alcoa Branch: Alcoa Wenatchee Works
Job Title: Environmental Engineer
“I want to partake in this adventure with the Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows because I want to examine and learn to identify the problem areas and bring back our research findings to develop and act responsibly toward achieving a sustainable future with Alcoa. I want to be able to understand what “sustainable consumption” is and calculate the effects of use and depletion of resources. Being able to observe and work hands on in devastated environments will allow me to grasp the true interconnectedness of human society with its natural systems. Upon returning, I want to be the environmental steward that strives to help not only Alcoa, but society in sustaining our natural resources and the environment for future generations.”
Sue English
Country: Australia 
Alcoa Branch: Wagerup Refinery
Job Title: Rehabilitation Consultant
“I am applying for this Fellowship as I feel strongly about the environment and the importance for both individuals and organisations [sic] to work together to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on our world.   By being a part of this project I feel I would be providing an environmental role model within the work place as well as within my local community by showing an interest and eagerness to be involved in projects and changes that can make a difference to the long term outcomes of climate change.”
Wayne Edwards
Country: Australia 
Alcoa Branch: Portland
Job Title: ABS Co-ordinator
“I believe that being part of the Earthwatch Fellowship will greatly help develop a deeper understanding of climate change and how I can be part of the solution. With a greater understanding I can explain and teach others at work, at home and in my community. Together with understanding, I hope to gain a better appreciation of the impact humans have on the planet and what needs to be done to ensure a sustainable life for future generations. I also expect that the interaction with people from different countries and cultures will give me a greater appreciation of diversity and other points of view. This will enable me to learn from and teach others about addressing climate change on a local level.”
Grace Zha
Country: China  
Alcoa Branch: Suzhou
Job Title: IT
“I want to exchange ideas with different types of people, and I look forward to learning, working, questioning various issues, and sharing opinions. I expect to pass along the impressions and achievements gained from this Earthwatch experience to others close to me, so that each person understands that the world has many moving stories, and that we should cherish everything around us."
Jianguang Guo
Country: China
Alcoa Branch: Kunshan
Job Title: Maintenance electrician
“I applied because of my motivation to learn, this goal is universal. I hope that through this experience we will come to understand how to protect the remaining environment, and further support more specialized knowledge in the sustainable development field. My hope is to take this knowledge and understanding and share it with my colleagues and community. The sustainable development of the community is the company's contribution.”
Charlotte (Shujun) Xiao
Country: China 
Alcoa Branch: Beijing
Job Title: Strategy Analyst
“When I joined Alcoa last October, my colleague Miss Zhao Lu just returned from the Brazil expedition. She showed us a lot of pictures and made a good presentation to all of our business development department members. As a new employee, this presentation gave me a basic understanding of our business and the impact of our business toward environment and climate change. I would attend this expedition to learn more about sustainability and to see the current situation of our unique earth.” [sic]
Haijiang Wang
Country: China 
Alcoa Branch: Beijing
Job Title: OSP and Market Manager - Global Consumer Electronics
“I have been keeping an eye on environmental issues since I was very young, because the environmental changes in my local area is so dramatic that I can almost feel the difference between yesterday and today. Living in Beijing, you have to tolerate the dusty air; travelling from south to north in China, you will always find "green" and smelly lakes covered by algae; hiking along the mountain, you may stand on rocky ground without seeing one tree. Surrounded with such an environment, I believe I'm not the only one who wants to react. Instead of simply participating in the Earthwatch, which I think is good but far from enough, I hope I can do more. Here is a list of my expectations for the experience: 1) Increase my knowledge of how to prevent further damage and restore the ecosystem; 2) Enable me to advocate environment protection effectively; and 3) Connect to teammates with various backgrounds from different countries, make friends with them and exchange views with them.”
Team 3: Canada - Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge
Boyd Zacher
Country: Canada 
Alcoa Branch: Lethbridge
Job Title: Master Layout Mechanic
“I want to make a difference for future generations to be able to live and enjoy the earth. I believe that the Earthwatch Fellowship can give me that opportunity, along with the opportunity to share the knowledge that will be learned during the Fellowship to pass on to others on how they can make a difference. Being a member of the Earthwatch Fellowship is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make new friendships, learn about the environmental impact we have on earth and how we can change our way of thinking when it comes to the environmental footprint we have on Mother Earth.”
Denis Drouin
Country: Canada  
Alcoa Branch: Ville de Bécancour
Job Title: Contractor Manager
“I’m happy to contribute in helping scientists to battle against global warming, to design prediction models to reverse the loss of biodiversity in order to implement results and significantly advance conservation priorities in the world’s most endangered environments. I have read “Collapse” a book written about collapsed civilization, telling that so many of them vanished from the world cause of deforestation or climate change. On a day to day we all have to do small actions to conserve and preserve energy, flora and fauna. I have the motivation and capacity to help and a great interest to give my time to this project.”
Issakha BAH
Country: France 
Alcoa Branch: Europe-France
Job Title: CEA Engineer
“I am aware of the potential problem of the climate change across the globe. I would like to participate to the Earthwatch Sustainability Fellowship for many reasons: First of all, I have a little experience to this kind of expedition. Secondly, this will be the moment for me to update and apply my knowledge in the field next to scientists, and then improve my personal and professional skills by being involving in a multicultural team. Finally, I am currently working in the Alcoa Building and Construction Systems (BCS) and as we know, buildings use about 40% of global energy, 25% of global water and 40% of global resources, and they emit approximately 1/3 of the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. So I really expect having knowledge (on physical phenomena) on how the environment is adapting itself to the climate change in order to copy, improve and apply it to the Alcoa architectural products (thermal performance, vegetalized façade, Acoustic performance).” [sic]
Jorge Rodriguez
Country: United States 
Alcoa Branch: Davenport, Iowa
Job Title: HR Business Partner
“I am interested in the protection and preservation of the environment because I am keenly aware of the fragile nature of the factors that make life on earth possible, factors such as the thinness of our atmosphere in the void of space and the exhaustion of finite natural resources. On a very personal level, I want to protect and preserve the environment for my five children, and my grandchildren to come. I am a strong believer that we can make a difference one person at a time. I expect this experience to be another opportunity for me to make a difference, as well as to provide me with more credibility and insight to carry the ideas and actions forward to others.”
Magdalena Kolacz
Country: United Kingdom  
Alcoa Branch: Kitts Green
Job Title: Foundry Process Metallurgist
“I am passionate about the environment and believe that it is important that we use our skill to address environmental challenges. I would like to contribute to maintaining the wildlife, plants and natural beauty of our planet for future generations. I want to use my research and engineering skills to increase understanding of environmental issues and help find scientific solutions. I believe that it is important that Alcoa contributes to global sustainability to demonstrate that we are committed to environmental issues. I hope to be a valuable team member and help achieve successful and useful projects that will benefit the earth and wildlife.”
Marco Henar
Country: Suriname 
Alcoa Branch: Suriname
Job Title: Production Planning Engineer
“I'm applying to gain more in-depth knowledge on sustainability. I think that mutual sharing and divulging of information and experience across the broad global spectrum will only enhance and improve the overall awareness we all need to have in order to prepare ourselves and future generations about the importance of sustainability. This experience will be used for brainstorming, passing on of information, debating sessions, and, ultimately, the initiation, follow-up, and successful continuance/closure of a project related to sustainability.”
Silvia Marini
Country: Italy 
Alcoa Branch: Fusina (ATI)
Job Title: GBS IS - WRC IT Support Analyst
“Participating in the Alcoa Earthwatch Sustainability program is a great and unique opportunity to increase my personal knowledge about environmental issues, to better understand what the effects are on climate changes around the world and what can be the consequences on the forests as sources of life for our world and to collaborate with people with a different background and experience. I'm really interested in the practical aspects of this experience: using my time and my hands as Earthwatch Sustainability Fellow and most of all when I’ll be back at home sharing the whole experience with my colleagues, family and friends.”
Vanessa Kang
Country: China 
Alcoa Branch: Beijing
Job Title: Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
“As a CSR Manager, I have many opportunities to share Alcoa's best practices in sustainability with the public and our employees, and I have led many CSR programs in Asia and China; but as an individual, apart from attending company-organized volunteer activities, I have never had hands-on opportunity outside China to experience what sustainability means to Alcoa and the earth. I believe that this experience will deepen my understanding on sustainability and I will bring more knowledge to my work when I return.”
Vicki Stokes
Country: Australia 
Alcoa Branch: Huntly Mine
Job Title: Research Scientist
“I believe in an environmentally sustainable future based on a better understanding of the natural world and fostering individuals and communities to learn to live in harmony with natural ecosystems. I believe that Earthwatch foster this. I also believe that the experience would be highly valuable for development of skills and contacts relevant to my work. As a research scientist it is always great to meet and interact with other scientists and share ideas about projects. I am sure that the experience of being involved with a research project overseas would expand my knowledge and ideas. I also believe the expedition would provide an opportunity for personal development by interacting with people of other cultures and backgrounds. Overall I would hope to gain personal satisfaction and increased knowledge from helping on a valuable research program.”
Ameen Al-Ghamdi
Country: Saudi Arabia 
Alcoa Branch: Ma'aden Aluminum Company (Ma'aden Alcoa JV)
Job Title: Mining Operation Manager
“Being a Mining Operation Manager, one of my main goals is to learn and develop myself and the whole mine team in understating climate change, how we can protect our environment, and our responsibilities toward the community while maintaining a profitable business. I am very keen to participate in this worldwide event to share experiences with people about climate change and environment protection, community support and concepts of sustainability, and to be exposed to the recent research in these fields. Once I come back to Saudi Arabia with this experience, I will share it with my superiors, subordinates, family and friends, because I believe that by learning and attempting to take care of nature, we are actually helping to improve the quality of our life and the generations to come.”

Vicki Stokes

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Vicki Stokes
Team 3: Canada - Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge