March 21, 2022

Alcoa Foundation announces aid to help people impacted by the conflict in Ukraine

In response to the growing need resulting from the crisis in Ukraine, the Alcoa Foundation today announced $500,000 in humanitarian aid to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

This grant will help vulnerable residents impacted by the conflict. In fact, IRC provides critical support to families crossing borders to escape violent conflict and helps with urgent unmet needs, which can include offering warm meals, clothing, transitional shelter, dignity kits of soap, infant care, and hygiene supplies for women and girls, and counseling support to address trauma.

Working from Ukraine and Poland, the IRC is currently offering emergency cash assistance, shelter, clothing, basic supplies, and delivery of information to refugees, including legal rights and documentation, medical care access, and longer-term accommodation options.

Read Alcoa’s full response to the crisis in Ukraine

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