The world’s first carbon-free smelting technology

Described as the greatest breakthrough in the aluminum industry since the late 1800s, this Alcoa-invented technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the global aluminum industry.

Aluminum has always been the leading choice for sustainable product development due to its light-weight, strength and infinite recyclability. ELYSIS™ technology takes the miracle metal's sustainable advantage to a new level.

The ELYSIS process emits pure oxygen as a byproduct and eliminates all of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional smelting. This innovation involves replacing the carbon anodes used in traditional aluminum smelting with inert, proprietary materials.

Alcoa invented the zero-carbon emissions technology that served as the basis for our joint venture with Rio Tinto, first announced in 2018. A technology company, ELYSIS will license for sale its technology for either retrofits of existing smelters or the construction of new ones.


How it Works

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The first major smelting breakthrough in 100 years

  • Carbon anodes replaced with proprietary inert materials
  • Zero greenhouse gases released
  • 15% cost reduction
  • 15% production increase
  • Retrofittable to existing smelters
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