Coronavirus Pandemic Response

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic required a rapid and coordinated response across our global operations to protect our employees and contractors, their families and the communities in which we operate while ensuring the continuity of our operations, which were deemed essential.

Our Global Crisis Response Team coordinated our response to the pandemic and was supported by crisis response teams at the regional and location levels.

On March 5, 2020—nearly a week before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic—we directed all locations to rapidly implement our comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan. The plan provided a clear roadmap for the company and locations to manage travel, security, health and safety, human resources, operations and more.

The equipment and structure provided by Alcoa during the pandemic made a world of difference in the treatment of patients. In the hardest moments, I realized the company’s capacity to support us and its sensitivity toward the crisis. Concerned about its employees and the community, Alcoa began organizing itself to deal with the situation even before the disease arrived in Brazil. The company consulted its health professionals on the best way to assist and what was needed in the municipalities in which we worked. Alcoa has made a huge impact in Juruti.”

Dr. Alan Torres
Director, Juruti Municipal Hospital Francisco Rodrigues
Occupational Physician, Alcoa Corporation
Employees at our Poços de Caldas location in Brazil promote “taking care of our people and city!”

By the end of March, we deployed a Trigger Action and Response Plan (TARP) at each location and a dashboard to track the plan’s implementation as well as active, recovered, quarantine and isolation cases.

Our first confirmed COVID-19 case was on March 8, 2020 at one of our European locations. By the end of 2020, we had two deaths and 965 confirmed cases among our employees and contractors globally.

At the onset of the pandemic, Alcoa Foundation and Instituto Alcoa began diverting a significant portion of their annual corporate giving to assist communities where we have operations with pandemic relief. More than US$2.1 million in grants supported securement of equipment and services for hospitals and healthcare providers, food security, mental health and financial counseling, suicide prevention, victims of domestic violence and other pandemic-related needs that arose during the year.

COVID-19 Impact in 2020
Employees and contractors

Data is as of December 31, 2020.
Confirmed Cases Deaths Locations with at Least One Confirmed Case Recovery Rate